Financial Concepts

  • What does it take to be on the right hand side?
  • Do you want to work for money or build a system that works for you?

  • Build your financial house from the ground up not the other way.

The 4% Rule is a practical rule of thumb that may be used by retirees to decide The “4% rule” is an oft cited, but simplified, rule of thumb for how much retirees should withdraw from their retirement savings each year to ensure they last.

  • Retirement is not a gamble.
  • Protect your investments from market loss.

Who will decide for your loved ones?


  • what if disaster happens too soon? Are we prepared? Is our family ready? Who will take care of them?
  • what if we live too long and don’t have enough savings? Who will take care of us?

No.of years to double investment = 72 ÷ compound annual interest rate